Section 4.9 Process Control


To establish and control machining methods.



It is the responsibility of the Production Manager to initiate a Routing/Method Sheet for all first-time runs of a part. Other members of the management team may perform this function with the Production Manager giving final approval to the document. Any and all future revisions of the document will require similar approval.

The Machinist will report any deficiencies in the Routing/Method Sheet to the Production and Quality Assurance Managers. These deficiencies might include but are not limited to:

1. Typographical errors

2. Incorrect tooling

3. Incorrect feeds and/or speeds

4. Incorrect locations on a Coordinate Log

5. Incorrect Routing sequence

The Machinist will not initiate any improvement in method, but will instead direct any suggestions to the attention of the Production Manager

Quality Assurance:

The Quality Assurance Manager will communicate with the Production Manager regarding any deficiencies in method that adversely affect the quality of the product.