Section 4.7 Control of Customer-Supplied Product


To establish procedures for verification, storage and maintenance of customer-supplied product.



All parts delivered to or picked up by IDE Machine Company will be accompanied by a packing slip which will include:

1. Part description

2. Quantity

3. Purchase Order number

4. Any special handling instructions not included in Purchase Order


All parts delivered to or picked up by Ide Machine Company will be compared to the packing slip to verify:

1. Part description

2. Quantity

Any special handling or storage instructions will be followed and communicated to Production.

The signed and dated packing slip will be delivered to the Management for inclusion in the job file.


Any special handling instructions included on the purchase order or the packing slip will be noted on the work order sent to Production.


Any and all special handling instructions included on the work order will be followed.

All instructions contained in Sections 4.8 and 4.15 of this manual will be followed.

It is the responsibility of the Machinist performing the first operation on a part to verify that the rough part is machinable within drawing tolerances for all operations which will be performed.

Any part found to be un-machinable (in nonconformance) will be so marked in accordance with Section 4.13 of this manual and reported to the Production and Quality Assurance Managers.

Quality Assurance:

The Quality Assurance Manager will verify the condition of any raw part found to be in nonconformance with the drawing and communicate with the customer to achieve a satisfactory resolution.