Section 4.13 Control of Nonconforming Product


Control of materials and parts which do not conform to requirements


Quality Assurance Manager

Overall responsibility for identifying and stopping work on nonconformances, reviewing hardware nonconformances and, as required processing specific documents to obtain final disposition of the nonconformance.


Production Manager will be responsible for stopping work in process where nonconformance is recognized. Final disposition of nonconformance may also be processed by Quality Assurance Manager.

Identification of nonconformance:

Nonconforming parts will be labeled with marker on the nonconforming surface where possible, indicating the correct and nonconforming dimension or condition. A tag or other suitable label will be attached to small or otherwise un-markable items and will include the same information. Tools and measuring instruments found to be nonconforming will be tagged in a similar manner. Nonconforming items will be identified until final disposition is processed.

Disposition of nonconformance:


The Production Manager will determine the feasibility, procedure and the scheduling of the rework.


1. In cases where vendor responsibility has been established for the scrap condition of the vendor-supplied material, the material or part is to be returned to the vendor for credit or replacement.

2. In other cases involving vendor-supplied material, the material will be returned to the vendor or disposed of according to section 4.15. as determined by the vendor.

3. In house materials deemed to be scrap will be evaluated for other uses and if usable, returned to appropriate materials bin or storage area. Such materials will be clearly marked as scrap so as not to be confused with an acceptable item.

4. Materials with no alternative use will be disposed of in an efficient, cost-effective, ecologically sound manner.

Use as is

The Quality Assurance Manager will be responsible for processing a nonconformance considered to possibly meet a "Use As Is" standard. Written approval from the customer or other end consumer will be obtained before release of the item from hold status.