Section 4.12 Inspection and Test Status


To ensure all parts manufactured by Ide Machine Company will be identified as being inspected and accepted or rejected and/or accepted with deviation.


All completed parts will be identified in one of the following manners:

1) accepted parts:

An accepted part will be stamped if applicable with the Ide Machine Company's logo ( mIc ) in a location on the part which will not damage or hinder the integrity of the part.

2) rejected parts:

Will be tagged or otherwise marked as rejected and will be isolated awaiting final disposition in accordance with Section 4.13 of this manual.

3) accepted with deviation:

Any part that has a deviation from the customer's specifications but, has been accepted through communication with the customer will be stamped ( mIc ) and tagged, and will be accompanied with a copy of the request for deviation or waiver approved by the customer.