Section 4.10 Inspection and Testing

Specify control systems for the inspection of materials and parts.
Quality Assurance Manager:
The Quality Assurance Manager will be responsible for the generation and maintenance of quality plans and processes for inspections.
Each Machinist will be responsible for obtaining First Piece Inspection at time of part completion, before removal of part from work mount.
Inspection will be accomplished in accordance with approved engineering drawings and specifications and where necessary special instructions from Quality Assurance.
First Piece Inspection:
Upon completion and before removal from holding apparatus, the first piece of an order and/or of the day or shift will be visually and dimensionally inspected according to drawing requirements.

The person giving the first piece inspection will record all measurements and observations on the First Piece Inspection Report, will sign and date the report, and will initial the appropriate box on the daily schedule confirming that a first piece inspection has been given.

In process inspection:
Each Machinist performing work on an order will certify by signing the Routing/Method sheet that each part produced is either:
1. In compliance with all pertinent drawing data including but not limited to dimensions and finishes.

2. Has been marked and isolated in compliance with Section 4.13 of this manual.

Where necessary to assure proper completion, in process inspection will be performed before work proceeds beyond the specified inspection point(s).
Final inspection:
A review of the First Piece Inspection Report, the Routing/Method Sheet, and where applicable, a coordinate log will be deemed proof of compliance with drawing dimensions.

When required by the customer or the Quality Assurance Manager, finished parts will receive 100% inspection to assure compliance with all pertinent drawing data including but not limited to dimensions and finishes.

First Piece Reports, Routing/Method Sheets, Coordinate Logs, and Final Inspection Report copies will be maintained by the Quality Assurance Department.